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Candy Crush Saga

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This is a match three puzzle game that is free to play. It was released by King in 2012 and can be played on Facebook. It supports many platforms like iOS, Android, windows 10 and windows phone. The aim of the game is for you to complete levels by swapping candy pieces to match three or more on the playing board. Once they are matched they are replaced with new ones and sometimes create further matches. Four or more candies matched together end up creating a unique candy which acts as power-ups and has the ability to clear a larger number of candies when used properly. Different levels have different goals and goal must be cleared for you to move to the next level.

New features and levels are updated every week in the game so that you can have fun with the latest candies in town. The game has over a hundred levels designed to keep you fully occupied. Candy Crush Saga is free to download and play although the in app purchases require money. The in app purchases like lives and extra moves are designed to help you get through a level that you may be stuck in. however, the payment feature can be turned off by disabling in app purchases in your smartphone settings.


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Features of Candy Crush Saga

Why should you get Candy Crush Saga?

Who can say no to Tiffi and Mr.Toffee who just want to take you on their sweet adventure in the candy kingdom? Travel with them through their magical lands and take in the sights of the wondrous places. Get introduced to delicious cookie characters all this while switching and matching your candy to finish the puzzle adventure. Get assured that the game keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. One thing with Candy Crush Saga is that no matter how stuck you get in a level, you will finally emerge victorious.

As of 2013 over 93 million had downloaded and were playing Candy Crush Saga. This game should be next on your playlist because it is sweet, fun and at the same time challenging. The game has a hint system which after a few seconds of inactivity highlights a potential match.