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Formerly known as Android market, Google play provides a digital distribution service and it serves as the official platform for the Android devices. With Google play, users can search and download Android applications. The app also functions as a digital media store because it offers music, movies, books, magazines and TV programs for download.

The apps found in the play store can either be downloaded for free or at a cost. The apps are downloaded directly to the Android device from the play store. The downloaded apps can also be deployed to a device from the Google play website for installation.

You can enjoy playing online games in the play store with features like multiplayer gaming, cloud saves, achievements and social and public leaderboards. The Google play music has over 40 million songs and users are given free cloud storage of up to 50,000 songs. This service can also be used to post podcasts. With Google playbooks, you get access to over 5 million eBooks and you can upload up to 1000 books of your own. In selected countries, users can enjoy watching movies and TV shows online or even download them. Google play store mainly comes pre-installed on Android devices but require frequent updates.

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Google play never stops updating their store, after every few weeks you are guaranteed to see a new update released. This frequent update is aimed at perfecting the user experience and fixing glitches if any. Rather than wait for Google play to push this download upgrade to you, which can take days, it is easier for you to manually download and install it just like any other application.

All apps that appear on the Google play store have undergone a rigorous security testing. Every app developer is vetted by the Google play store team and those who are found to violate the play store policies are suspended. This is done to ensure that users who download apps are protected from malware, bad apps, and apps that may have sexual and offensive content. The play store also comes with Google Play Protect which is an ideal security blanket for your phone. This security system never sleeps and makes sure your data and apps are safe by automatically scanning your device around the clock.